Group Workshops

The “I Thrive Revolution” group workshops teach you about the theories of Positive Psychology, and how to apply them into your life. These workshops, led by Robin, are small, confidential and supportive 2-hour classes. The classes meet weekly and consist of a combination of lectures, exercises and optional group sharing. The workshops include an extensive course book that many find a valuable tool to refer back to for years to come.

“Thrive” Workshop

This is the “I Thrive Revolution” signature foundational course. This course prepares you to care for yourself in new ways, strengthen your ability to be optimistic, hopeful, confident and resilient as you face life’s challenges. This workshop beautifully clarifies and integrates the scientific research of 12 positive psychology researchers in an enjoyable step by step approach to lead you from “Survive to Thrive.”

8 weeks – 2 hour classes

Week One: Setting the Foundations for Positive Change
Week Two: Happiness and Life Satisfaction
Week Three: Self Care and Self Love
Week Four: Strengthening Intuition and Decision Making
Week Five: Vitality and Hope
Week Six: Optimism and Resilience – Part 1
Week Seven: Resilience – Part 2
Week Eight: Tying it all together

Workshops location:
Virtually via Zoom

“Positive emotions are not trivial luxuries, but instead might be critical necessities for optimal functioning.”  

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson