“I had the opportunity to participate in Robin Cordova’s positive psychology course, Thrive. I entered the class feeling like I needed help to motivate me in specific areas of my life. Much to my delight Thrive has actually done this for me. This class is beneficial in so many ways from developing strategies to improving one’s life to giving one that extra push one sometimes needs. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning how to Thrive in their life. Robin is a beautiful teacher. She is well prepared, warm, engaging and extremely knowledgable on the subject matter. Her classes were always on point. Kudos to you Robin Cordova for an excellent course in a new and exciting field!”

—Annette Kleckner

“Robin’s Thrive workshop was overflowing with excellent material. My favorite part was when we looked at 12 intentional activities for building happiness and life satisfaction. Expressing gratitude, savoring life, nurturing social relationships, committing to goals, cultivating optimism, and being kind were just some of these activities. I enjoyed the combination of lectures and sharing. Before taking this workshop, I was feeling a little bit stuck, and this workshop helped me feel more in charge of my life and more excited about it.”

—Workshop Participant

“What an enlightening and thought-provoking seminar. I am the mother of four children, and I so often feel that my life is flying by without enjoying it. When I began this class with Robin, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a class about thriving, but I knew it had to be helpful, because I was certainly existing but definitely not thriving. I quickly learned that I could have so much more happiness and fulfillment if I could just slow down and focus on some simple, yet life changing, concepts. For example, looking at life through a grateful heart can dramatically improve how I feel and how I see my life. I also learned that it’s not selfish to make time for myself, but rather it is completely necessary in order to refuel my soul.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone who interested in finding more happiness in their lives. It certainly enlightened me.”

—Workshop Participant

“I came into Robin’s program hoping to learn how to sustain happiness in the midst of difficult times. This work helped me pinpoint what I was already doing well and gave me concrete strategies to build upon my strengths. Furthermore Robin helped highlight what sneaky habits and thought patterns were sabotaging my ability to thrive. If you’re looking for real life tools to implement and immediately put into practice to help you thrive, you’ve found the right program!”

—Liselle Hill

“When my daughter-in-law raved about the Positive Psychology workshop she went to,  I was interested in signing up but skeptical.  I decided to call my physician to get his thoughts.  He told me that Positive Psychology had been studied for many years (he said approximately 20) with a focus not only on our problems but with a strong emphasis on our strengths.  He said the results were ‘pretty amazing.’

“So I signed up!!

“I gained so much…I learned to identify my strengths and how to use them; rather than self-hate, I learned compassion; and I learned to think in a more optimistic way with tools to look at and even change my negative thoughts.  And learned more!!

“Each two hour session is well planned and presented in an organized way.  It is clear that Robin works very hard to prepare and loves doing it. She provides a safe and confidential environment for the women to share if they want to…(no one is pressured to do anything) Robin not only listens…she hears! I can’t remember a time when I have been heard, seen and understood by anyone the way I have been with Robin.

“I started the workshop with a great deal of skepticism. Robin, I did not want this workshop to end…ever!”

—Liz Black

“Robin creates a safe, warm, creative space where one can learn about the fundamental qualities of how to thrive in today’s challenging world!  Her workshops are enlightening and fun!”

—Mary Carol Rose