Mission of “I Thrive Revolution”

“I Thrive Revolution” was created to empower women to have hope, well-being, joy, happiness, strength, vitality and resilience, while embracing the natural essence of who we are as women. This begins with developing a foundation of self care rituals and learning to use our emotional intelligence and intuition as strengths to create well-being in our lives.

Within the last few decades, thanks to much scientific research, we are at a time in history when it is understood that individual happiness, wellbeing and resilience skills are crucial to furthering the success of humanity. To promote this, Martin Seligman PhD, psychologist, author and founder of Positive Psychology, set an intention to have 51% of the world flourishing by 2051.

He put out a call to coaches, therapists, health practitioners, and educators to help fulfill this intention. This call resonates deeply with me, both through my own life experiences and through the experiences of the women I coach. These are women who are feeling they are merely surviving in life and want to bounce back and thrive with greater ease from every day life challenges such as divorce, health and vitality obstacles, family and life purpose, or career aspirations not yet fulfilled. In addition to, obstacles from living in a world that is not yet equal for women, balancing and juggling many roles and often losing their vitality and confidence in the process.

My belief is that if we empower ourselves with the tools and strategies needed to “Thrive” in our own lives, and then call upon our natural desire for connection, it will ripple out positivity into our families, children, communities, and workplaces. I’m already seeing this happen with the women that have come through my Thrive workshop.

Women seated in a position of confidence, balance, wellbeing and vitality are poised to create great change in their lives and impact those around them in a positive way. This is the revolution; by pulling the focus back to ourselves and creating our own thriving lives—one woman at a time—we can help to birth a “revolution” of thriving people.

I’ve spent time in the arena of life as a career woman, wife, mother, divorced single mother, and faced health struggles just like you possibly have. I felt a deep desire to help other women too and this highly motivated me to spend the last 5-plus years becoming trained and certified in positive psychology and numerous coaching methods and modalities.

There are reasons to have hope – click here to see the syllabus for the Thrive workshop.

“Positive Psychology is about helping people move ‘North of Neutral.”

Dr. Christopher Peterson