Group Meditation

Evening and morning group guided meditations are available at the following schedule:

Morning Group:

  • Tuesday and Thursday Mornings 6:30am to 7:00am PST

Evening Group:

  • Monday and Thursday Evenings 8:00pm to 8:30pm PST


“Robin has the gift of a very calming, soothing voice. My usually stressed out mind relaxes and centers within the first few minutes of the meditation, and my tense body ends up unwinding and at ease.” ~ Yamilka H.

“I have been attending Robin’s meditation sessions for a few months now and just adore them. Every week I look forward to her meditation sessions as a way to slow down, become more grounded, focus on the positive and shed the weight of the week. Robin’s meditations are nurturing, creative and balancing, and her warm, soothing delivery creates a comfortable space to let go. Meditation with Robin really has become a highlight of my week!” ~ Kelly Stoecklein

“I began attending Robin’s bi-weekly meditation groups several weeks ago. As I knew I needed more structure to help enhance my self-care routine. Robin has an extremely calming demeanor, to say nothing of her voice, which is soothing. This has allowed me to relax and go within during meditation more so than any other time I’ve meditated. When the session is over, I feel very Zen and relaxed. I appreciate that she has recordings available so I can listen anytime day or night, especially when I miss a class.” ~ Laurie

“I have been attending group zoom meditation with Robin for approximately (6) six months and have found the sessions extremely helpful. Robin’s voice is gentle and calming so I feel completely relaxed during each half hour of meditating. Learning to accept thoughts and feelings while meditating and then gently letting them go has actually helped me to be more aware and in touch with who I am. Robin often uses loving affirmations which have profoundly effected my self esteem by clearing my mind of negative thoughts. With the months of practice, meditation benefits extend to times that I am not meditating. The group meditation is one of the reasons I have been able to cope with the anxiety, fear and isolation of this pandemic.” ~ Liz Black

“I’d been living with a TBI for 19 years at the time of meeting Robin and was doing Ok, but there’s always room for improvement. Especially in the area of keeping and remaining calm in what may be a heightened situation. With brain injury, the simplest things can get heightened. I’ve been joining in her guided meditation group sessions for at least a year and the calm I have now is amazing. Now I have the tools to reel myself back in quickly and safely. Her meditations have also opened me up for understanding and accepting the way others act and do things, and that focusing on my brain health is what I need to be focusing on. Hence, that allows me to be more patient and forgiving of myself. A huge bonus is the community she’s opened for me, we call on one another and trust each other. Robin has a way of touching souls and bringing them together in ways where everyone benefits.” ~ Joan Miller

‘’Robin is well studied and well resourced in ways that allow her to present life from a higher, more loving perspective which encourages a calm and compassionate way of being in the world. I have found her guided meditations to be masterfully crafted with a blend of insight, inspiration and practical application. They have provided me with motivation and a curiosity to become more self aware, for which I am grateful. My cat, Mimi, also loves the energy of the meditations, through the airwaves, and purrs loudly right along with Robin’s voice. Fun and uplifting!’’ ~ Joanne Hunt

“For the last 45 days, I have made a concerted effort to include meditation in my daily routine. For a long time I had understood & appreciated the benefits of meditation, but never took the initiative to commit to doing it on a regular basis. Having access to Robin’s guided meditations has allowed me to be disciplined in my practice, and I look forward to the different themes she introduces weekly. Her meditations are the appropriate length, and are presented with a very soothing, calm delivery, which really allows me to relax & focus. I also appreciate the visual imagery generated by Robin’s practice, as well as the incorporation of poems that relate to the theme. Incorporating Robin’s meditations into my weekly routine has already improved my ability to relax, focus & be present.” ~ Brian Wagner

“I gather myself together.  I leave the cozy warm TV room go into the dark cold formal living room, pick a spot to get comfortable cover up with the blanket. Enter the numbers and Zoom in to find Robin. There are sisters with me from around the world, New Zealand, Canada, Washington ST, Oregon and Wisconsin.  One says it’s hot” one says it’s cold! One says its day one says its night. We are like the constellation of stars called the Pleiades: the seven sisters. So far apart but not so far that we can not see each other. I sit and listen to Robin speak and as soon as she says, “close your eyes” I am quiet! Maybe asleep, I may be deep in meditation I cannot say for sure. One thing I can say for sure is that my busy mind is quiet, silent, worry free and peaceful for the 30 minutes that Robin leads the group meditation. Thank You, Robin!” ~ Gigi Macasaet

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“Resilience is about overcoming, steering through, and bouncing back from adversity.  It also enables us to enhance the positive aspects of life.”  

Dr. Karen Reivich and Dr. Andrew Shatte