Circles of Influence

Photo credit: David Cordova

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Mother Teresa

We can’t deny the turmoil we see and feel around us every day during these times of great change in our world.  I believe most of us desire to stay hopeful, find ways to impact change in a positive way, and lead a happy thriving life.

Today I wanted to write about circles of influence because many are feeling concern, worry and fear about what the future holds. If we happen to be witnessing areas we have little control over, this understandably makes us feel angry, vulnerable and scared.

Positive psychology teaches us to focus first on the things that we can control, and also that our wellbeing is crucial to all success. Our greatest circle of influence is always going to be within our own selves. I support the idea of connecting first to our own life force energy, balance, vitality and wellbeing, and then look for ways to be an agent of change in our immediate environment.

Don’t minimize the positive impact you can have on someone else with a smile, a warm hug, or a helping hand. I view this as our next considerable circle of influence. This might include family, community, workplace or special cause. What need shows up in front of you that you feel drawn to contribute to? Selecting something that you can directly impact will give you a sense of hopefulness and confidence instead of feeling powerless or fearful.

Look for an opportunity you can stand up for and feel passionate about. When you are contributing from “passion” it is not a sacrifice, but rather a joy. If you are dedicated to operating first from a place of personal wellbeing and self love you never loose sight of the most important circle of influence — yourself. From there you will operate from a strong foundation and you’ll be amazed at the influence you can make towards a better, more peaceful loving world all around you. Watch the magic as it ripples out to your next circle of influence.