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January 2017

The Gift of “Yourself”

By Positive Psychology

New Year’s Eve has always been one of my favorite days of the year, because I get excited about the idea that we are embarking on a new beginning with bright potentials.  A chance to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with new ideas, energy and possibilities.

As the year draws to a close, did you remember to gift yourself with a little self care this holiday season or are you winding down the year feeling a little depleted?  

Below is my recipe for rejuvenation and ringing in the New Year with the gift of “Yourself.”

Begin by carving out a little un-interrupted time, just for yourself, in a quiet place with pen, paper and your favorite soft music.

Get “heart centered,” which is a simple way to say settle into quieting your mind and speaking to and listening from your heart. This can be done with a few deep breathes, closing your eyes and letting go of the thoughts of the day.  

To make room for new in our lives, we have to first clear out the old and invite the new in. Start by asking your heart these questions and jot down the answer. These don’t have to be external things, they can be internal such as a belief or a self sabotage thinking pattern.

What no longer serves me?

If I let go of ______ it opens the possibility of _______?
What do I need less of?
Where have I been too hard on myself?
What attachments, limitations or fears have held me back this year?

We are more than our stories. We are more than our past and letting go of these attachments frees us to enter into a new year with more potentials and greater expansion than that which we are leaving behind from 2016. It frees up the space for something new to enter. Take a few breathes and decide to let go of the things you wrote down. Sometimes I’ll burn my list or tear it up in itty bitty pieces, like confetti.

Settle back into your “heart centered place” and start a new page titled 2017 and ask your heart these questions:

What would replenish, rejuvenate and nurture me in 2017?
What do I need more of?
What would bring more joy into my life?
Is there a new self care practice I want to put into my daily or weekly routine?
If there was nothing to fear—I would do this ________?

Now ring in the New Year and “gift yourself” those things you wrote down. You deserve them!

Happy New Year,