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Slide Cultivate more happiness, joy and wellbeing as part of your journey Slide Uncover your core strengths and how to use them to improve your happiness Slide Learn how to nurture a growth mindset to handle anything that comes your way Slide Create miracles in life by applying the theories behind positivity Slide Care for yourself in new ways so that you have a full tank of resources Slide Improve your decision making and intuition to create what you want in life Slide Embrace your feminine strengths and develop “emotional intelligence” Slide Master a resilience toolkit to “struggle well” when hitting rough patches Slide Embrace Hope – Dreams are Possible!
What does it take to “Thrive” in today’s world? At times the stresses and pressures of life’s everyday challenges and changes can stop us in our tracks and rob us of hope and vitality. We can feel overwhelmed by our personal setbacks, the environment, information overload, conflicts and violence, financial challenges, and politics. We want and need resilience and competency to lead a long, happy and fulfilling life, but we don’t always see the pathways to do that.
“I Thrive Revolution” was created to empower women in their lives to have hope, wellbeing, joy, happiness, strength, vitality and resilience while embracing the natural essence of who we are as women. My workshops, individual coaching sessions and speaking engagements all draw upon my training and the wealth of knowledge gained from scientific research offered through the field of positive psychology.

Group Workshops

Group Workshops offer a way to learn about positive psychology theories and their application into your life, while in a small, confidential and supportive women’s group. Each workshop is a series of 2-hour classes lead by Robin, that meet weekly.
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Individual Coaching Sessions

I create a safe space with one on one coaching so you feel truly “heard and understood.” Using coaching techniques and positive psychology theories, we will work together to devise a plan that you will feel excited to implement as your Thriving Life evolves.
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Speaking Engagements

Robin is available for inspirational speaking on the practical application of Positive Psychology tools to create a Thriving Life or Thriving Organization.  She loves bringing inspiration and hope to groups through speaking opportunities and custom workshops.
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